Places nearby for you to visit: There are so many unique destinations and places of interest to visit in Pranburi, such as the Phraya Nakhon Cave. You can get there by hiking through the mountain pass, or alternatively by boat where there is the possibility of seeing some rare pink dolphins. Another destination we highly recommend is Pranburi Mangrove Forest Park which has a breath-taking panoramic view of the entire area. Also, visiting the local fisherman village is just a boat ride away, while there is also the option to rent a vessel for a spot of squid fishing at night.



Pranburi Forest Park

This is a mangrove swamp that is a natural habitat and nursery for various species of aquatic animal. Inside the parkland there is an elevated wooden bridge, on which cover a distance of 1,000 meters.


Pranburi Beach

Paknampran is a small fishing village situated in Pranburi district. It boosts a 7km long beach and has a road that runs parallel to the coastline where you can see the whole sea view. Paknampran is still very laid back where the locals still enjoy the easy and simple life. Paknampran attracts those looking to escape from the crowds, appreciating the natural beauty without travelling too far from civilisation.


Wat Tan Chet Yot

This is the biggest sacred Luang Pho Tor in the world. It’s really easy to get there because this place is on 273-274 km of Phetkasem road, Ampour Sam Roi Yot in Prachuap Khiri Khan province.


Sam Roi Yot Beach ( Nom Sao Beach)

Another quiet beach that you should give a visit. This beach has really clear water. You also can see many beautiful islands around such as Koh Nom Sao, Koh Ra Ving, and Koh Ra Vang


Bueng Bua

Natural study centre which you can find a lot of information about water plant species. You can walk along the walk side to see beautiful lotus and all the birds.


Khao Kalok

Khao Kalok means “Skull Mountain” and is approximately 25m in height. The unique skull-shaped rock formation enhances the beauty of the bay.


Klong Khao Dang

The small canal that you can go through by boat and see all the beautiful view along the side. You can see many amazing animals such as heron, mudskipper, fiddler crab, and long-tailed macaque. Some rock mountain looks like crocodile climbing the cliff. The good time to visit this beautiful nature is around 5 pm because you also can see the sunset. (400 baht per boat for 6 people)


Phraya Nakhon Cave

This cave is in Khao Tean area, Bang Pu Village, in Samroiyod National Park. It is best known for it “Kuhakaruhat Pavilion” ,which is a very small royal pavilion built inside the cave by King Rama V. The best time to visit the cave is from 10.30 – 11.30am when the sunlight shines directly on to the pavilion and illuminates the cave.